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Textbooks, stationery packs, uniforms, merchandise.  All available from the NSA Shop.

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Location: 17 Hoofd Street, Melle Street Entrance

Operating hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

  • 09h40 – 10h00 (1st Break)
  • 12h00-12h30 (2nd Break)
  • Afterschool : By request

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Video Archive

The NSA is digitising past productions and these will be available on Vimeo in due course.  Current titles available:


2022 – Broadway on Melle 2
2021 – Broadway on Melle 1
2019 – Too Late – Gibson Kente
2018 – The WIZ
2016 – Once on this Island
2014 – Sweet Charity
2011 – Maybe This Time


2022 – The Crucible
2022 – PHYSICA (The Lesedi)
2021 – PHYSICA (The Dome)
2020 – Amanda
2020 – Scout
2020 – Comfort
2020 – Icala Kaliboni
2020 – Hip Hop Hamlet
2019 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
2018 – Afro Punk Macbeth
2017 – I Love Jozi

Undated – Dear Brain
Undated – Some Girls
Undated – Blues For Mister Charlie
Undated – Sophiatown


2023 – Dance Celebration “Behind the Mask”
2022 – Dance Spectrum – Epiphany
2022 – Dance Celebration “Black Swan”
2021 – Dance Spectrum – Reflections
2021 – Dance Celebration
2020 – Dance Spectrum – Hidden Language
2019 – Dance Celebration
2019 – Dance Spectrum – Bridges & Arches
2018 – The Ruby Suite & Clara’s Journey

2017 – Dance Celebration
2016 – Dance Spectrum
2010 – Dance Spectrum
2004 – Dance Spectrum


2020 – The Music Makers
2020 – NEW DAY -COVID song of Hope

NSA Festival of the Arts 2016

Elements of Artistry
Live Arrangements
Fashion Simplicity
Silent Cries
Alumni Art Exhibition
Art Department Exhibition


Should you wish to purchase any of the above, please email us for details.

The Dome

The temporary DOME became a beacon of hope and possibility during COVID. It worked so perfectly that a permanent Dome at the NSA became the dream solution. It is almost within reach!

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The National School of the Arts is edging closer to its target of raising R2 000 000.00 to build an outdoor amphitheatre. The wellspring of generosity and support is growing, and the magical Dome is closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Underneath a perfect African sky, the DOME will be big enough for an orchestra, a choir, a full-scale ballet, drama, musical theatre and interdisciplinary work.

We appeal to like-minded art advocates, corporates and donors to help raise the remaining funds so that this new DOME@ can be “decreed”, and the NSA will finally have a theatre to call home.

We thank the Davis Foundation, the OMT, The Rachel Du Toit Foundation, The Kempston Group, The Jonathan and Marion Bloch Foundation, Doug Smollan, The Ampersand Foundation, the Art Angels / Click Foundation, the Yellowwoods Foundation, the Einthoven family, and Business Arts South Africa for hearing our call.

Become a PARTNER and be part of the magic underneath a perfect African sky!


Our admissions process and code of conduct are available below including downloadable Learners and Hostel Codes of Conduct.  For all our other policies, please submit a request at the form below.


The NSA falls under a select group of schools known as the SOS Schools – Schools of Specialisation. These schools offer a highly “specialised curriculum seeking to nurture the development of top talent in South Africa across key disciplines, breeding the country’s future generation of leaders.”

There are two different application processes for Grade 8 and Grades 9 – 11.  Learn more about the application process HERE.

Code of Conduct

The National School of the Arts is in the business of education and training in the academic and Arts arenas.

  • We are committed to offering our learners a holistic educational experience: excellent academic teaching complemented by the best tuition in the Arts.
  • We are proud of the critical role our school plays in providing a unique opportunity for artistic people to realise their true potential.
  • We recognise the pivotal role the Arts have to play in the transformation, development, and healing of our land.
  • We strive to produce leaders who make important contributions to artistic endeavour in South Africa, as well as rendering access to tertiary education and a wide variety of careers.

Download our Learner Code of Conduct HERE.

Download our Hostel Code of Conduct HERE.

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School & Hostel Fees

School and Hostel Fees 2023

Annual School Fees: R31,800

Hostel Fees:

Weekly Boarding: R40,000
Termly Boarding: R56,000

The NSA does not offer bursaries. Exemptions are granted based on gross annual salary. Parents who struggle financially must seek assistance through employers or financial institutions.

All fees are subject to an increase in 2024.

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Term Dates


  • Term 1: 11 Jan to 24 Mar
  • Term 2: 12 Apr to 23 Jun
  • Term 3: 18 Jul to 29 Sep
  • Term 4: 10 Oct to 13 Dec


  • Term 1: 17 Jan – 20 Mar
  • Term 2: 3 Apr – 14 Jun
  • Term 3: 9 Jul – 20 Sep
  • Term 4: 1 Oct – 11 Dec

Term Plans

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