NSA welcomes the return of Live Auditions

As the closing date for 2023 school applications nears, the NSA is excited to announce the return of in-person auditions on the 27th of August.

All Grade 8 applicants must first apply online on the GDE admissions portal www.gdeadmissions.gov.za. Following this, they must apply on the National School of the Arts (NSA) website www.artschool.co.za. The NSA requires proof of GDE registration for ALL GRADE 8 applicants. Prospective learners from Grade 9 – 11 apply via the school website. Auditions are by appointment to manage the demands of the day.

The atmosphere of anticipation will run high as the eager young learners prepare to secure their place at South Africa’s leading public-funded School of Specialisation in Performing and Creative Arts, fondly known as the NSA.

“ We were determined to have live auditions as soon as it was safe to do so,” said recently appointed NSA Principal Salome Gaelesiwe. “ We look forward to seeing the new talent succeeding in their auditions and joining our unique school!”

“Audition preparation is crucial. Applicants will find all the audition criteria and material on the National School of the Arts website www.artschool.co.za  Parents can forward queries to admissions@artschool.co.za. Be punctual on the day, dress appropriately and remember that first impressions count, so make sure to make a good one. A successful audition is the golden key to admission to the NSA, “ concludes Principal Gaelesiwe.

The NSA has four specialist departments; art, dance, drama and music. Parents of talented learners can rest assured that at the NSA, arts and academics share the spotlight. It is a school where creatively gifted learners can excel artistically and academically. Situated on the crest of the Braamfontein Ridge in a precinct known for education, arts, and culture, the NSA has been a pioneer in the field of specialist arts education for over fifty years.

The consistently impressive matric results and the achievements of the alums are testaments to the quality education offered by the school. The advanced levels of specialist vocational training enable learners to pursue professional careers immediately after school or to go onto tertiary study in fields as diverse as actuarial science, astrophysics, medicine, engineering, architecture, and the arts. The NSA is classified by the Department of Education as a School of Specialisation in Performing and Creative Arts and follows the CAPS Syllabus.

The school also has a hostel for out-of-town learners.

The National School of the Arts is ready to open its doors to the new intake of creative learners for 2023, encouraging parents of talented and creative learners to consider this legacy institution for their children where Dreams are realised through Excellence in Arts and Academics.

school hours

Monday - Friday

07h30 - 14h30


17 Hoofd Street


063 091 6051