The Drama Department

The Drama Department provides an opportunity for personal growth on many levels.Strong emphasis is placed on the development of actors and theatre practitioners.

Learners receive tuition in all practical aspects of theatre. Practical training includes acting, voice, movement, physical theatre, stagecraft, mime and poetry workshops. A comprehensive Theory component covers the study of play texts, theatre history, history of costume, history of literature, voice theory, ritual and mythology.

Every available opportunity is given to drama learners to perform in numerous productions as well as in the presentation of class work.

Every effort is made to expose learners to theatre agents and potential employers.

The Drama Department has received numerous awards and accolades over the past years.

The school’s excellent results and awards in both the academic and artistic arenas, combined with the highly successful careers enjoyed by our alumni, clearly demonstrate that Drama is not taught for its own sake, but because it contributes profoundly to the holistic development of the individual.