A predisposition towards the Arts and Performing Arts does not preclude ambition for academic excellence.

Learners from Grade 8 to 12 study a full range of academic subjects in addition to their chosen speciality subjects. The specialist studies foster the discipline and dedication which are pre-requisites for academic achievement. Our excellent Matric results over nearly two decades bear witness to this.

In Grade 8 and 9 the NSA complies with the national requirement of completing the General Education and Training (GET) Examination. The GET examination covers eight learning areas: languages, mathematics, social sciences (SS), natural sciences (NS), arts and culture, economic management services (EMS), technology and life orientation. In addition all learners specialize in either Art, Drama, Dance or Music.

For the FET certificate:

Grade 10 learners (from 2016) must offer the following components:

Grade 11 – 12 learners (from 2016) must offer the following components:

  • Compulsory Specialist Subject
  • Two languages, one being English Home Language and the other either Afrikaans or isiZulu First Additional Language.
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.
  • Life Orientation,
  • An elective component consisting of two subjects chosen from the following: History, Geography, Life Science, Physical Science or Business Studies.