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Festival of the Arts 

The Festival of Fame embarks on its 20th year in 2020 with some specific objectives in mind: 

  1. To develop the skills and talents of our learners in their specialist fields
  2. To ensure that our learners do not perform to empty seats and that auditoriums have as close to capacity audiences as possible
  3. To expose young South Africans to live performances in professional venues, at an affordable and/or subsidized price. Many of these learners have not had the opportunity to set foot in a theatre before. 
  4. Providing marketing and publicity not only for the Festival, but also for the National School of the Arts 
  5. Participation by professionals, at a fraction of their normal fees, provides insight into the work ethic and discipline required in delivering and maintaining professional performances 
  6. Providing opportunity to assess learners during the Festival in line with the syllabi and portfolio work in the Specialist Fields 
  7. To establish the Festival as an annual, uniting event for learners and staff alike that will be instrumental in developing excitement and energy for the NSA as a visual and performing arts school.

Click here to visit the Festival Website for more details