NSA Information

School and Hostel Fees 2021

Grades 8 - 12: R28 200.00 for the year.
[Monthly: January: R5000.00, February to October: R2578.00] 

For those requiring Hostel, in addition to School Fees, the Hostel fees are:

Weekly boarders Grade 12: R35 400.00 for the year. [Per Term: R8 850.00]

Weekly boarders Grade 8-11: R35 400.00 for the year. [Per Term: R8 850.00 with Term 1 discounted to R4 425.00]

Termly boarders: R49 560.00 for the year.  [Per Term: R12 390.00]

The NSA does not offer bursaries. Exemptions are granted based on gross annual salary. Parents who struggle financially must seek assistance through employers or financial institutions.

All fees are subject to an increase in 2022.

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